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Pregnant and fit is not an oxymoron.. its possible!

About Me

My name is Candace Myers, I am a wife and stay at home mom of two crazy boys. I am currently pregnant with our 3rd child due in early March 2013. I am taking online classes at Central AZ College to get my associates degree in Nutrition. I am a licensed (non-practicing) personal trainer … really I just wanted to know more about being healthy so, I figured why not take courses on working out since that kind of goes hand in hand with living a healthy lifestyle. I became interested in living a healthy lifestyle about 2 years ago after watching the documentary Food Inc. I started implementing healthier foods into our diet at home and trying to make more homemade wholesome foods. Eventually I watched Fat,Sick and Nearly Dead and then Forks Over Knives (I’m kind of a documentary junkie).. and I think I watched 2-3 more documentaries on pesticides and organic eating… this all lead me to become almost obsessively interested in being healthy. One day my husband asked me if I was accomplishing what I wanted to in life and after that, I thought for a bit and googled some stuff… and eventually decided I wanted to become a Dietitian. My goal is to be able to counsel and guide people into living a healthier lifestyle through nutrition and fitness. Phew! That was alot!

Now… here is the background on my pregnancy experiences: (warning this is quite long.. but I just want you to know where I’m coming from)

My first pregnancy, I was young (21 yrs old) and under the impression that when you are pregnant, it is the time to eat ANYTHING you want and not care… because you need all those extra calories to feed that tiny growing baby, right?! So, I ate any and everything and didn’t exercise much. I wasn’t able to get to a doctor until I would have been about 12 weeks… when I got there the ultrasound tech informed my husband and I, sadly that the baby’s heart had stopped beating at 7 1/2 weeks. This was extremely hard to go through. Thankfully God, helped us through it and we were able to use it as a testimony of God’s perfect will in our lives. The worst part was that I had gained about 7-8 lbs! So, a month or so later… we got the ok to try again.

My second pregnancy, (but first full pregnancy), I was still young and thinking I can eat anything.. I pretty much ate cookie dough all day. Maybe some mac N’ cheese here and there. I cooked some homemade meals.. mostly chicken either fried or with fat-filled sauces. Still wasn’t really exercising until my 5 month appointment when the nurse informed me that I was gaining more weight than I should… not really something a fat preggo lady wants to hear. So, after that I started going to my parents house a few times a week and walking on the treadmill. I started at about 2 mph and after a month was up to 3.5 mph and by the middle of my last trimester I was able to walk at 4 mph on the treadmill for an hour. This helped keep me in shape but I still wasn’t eating very healthy. Eventually my water broke and in the wee hours of the morning of November 15th my 1st son Corban was born! So excited and nervous to be a new mommy.. and extremely disappointed that my belly still looked like it had a baby in it! I was under the impression once you push that sucker out… your belly goes away… not the case. Once I was recovered and able to work out again… it was on! I was doing the treadmill and Taebo 4-5 times a week. Still not eating healthy but exercising was a start. When Corbs was almost a year I was getting into better shape but not quite there yet. This was when we first saw Food Inc. Then my health food journey began.

By my second full pregnancy (2 yrs after the first), I was in the best shape I had been in since freshman year in high school! It was great, I felt great and I was enjoying the journey. When I found out I was pregnant I was excited and determined to be in better shape during that pregnancy. So, we were eating more homemade and “healthier” foods.. still not the best but better than we were. And I decided that I was going to workout everyday if I could! It didn’t happen as often as I had planned but I still did better this pregnancy. I usually ran (5- 5.5 mph) on the treadmill 2-3 times a week and tried to do Taebo or a pregnancy workout video 1-2 times a week. On a good week I’d work out 5 times and on the not so good weeks I struggled to workout 2 times. However this pregnancy was much better and I gained close to the appropriate weight.. maybe a few pounds over but not much (somewhere between 25-30 lbs). Delivery was great just like the first… still had the belly that looked like there was a baby in it and still very disappointed since I was in better shape this pregnancy. I felt better and recovered sooner this pregnancy and started slowly working out at about 4 weeks post baby.. mostly walking on the treadmill.. probably did it a bit too soon and I do not recommend this unless you get the ok from your doctor! Eventually got back on my regular workout schedule and eating habits…

So that brings us to pregnancy #3… I have watched all the other documentaries at this point. Tried juicing for health, the Engine 2 diet (vegan) for a month, eating more wholesome and clean… and eventually settled on being a “vegetarian” that eats fish and chicken once in a while. The biggest difference we have made in our diet is that we eat a TON more fruits and veggies! And I try whenever possible to make things homemade.. and if not I make sure breads and pastas are made from whole grains. This time around I started out being more toned and healthy than I have been since after I quit gymnastics in 6th grade (did it for about 8 yrs).   My plan is to workout as much as possible (goal is to keep toned arms and legs), and eat as healthy as possible (only get the extra calories needed and making sure its nutrient dense foods to get all the nutrients needed).. of course I plan on having a few cheat days… I am pregnant and hungry for junk ALL the time.. but those days will be limited. Luckily at this point we have trained ourselves to eat better so junk food just hurts after digestion, making it undesirable.. but it is still wanted here and there. Hope this blog helps you preggo ladies out there that want to stay in shape and if you have any questions feel free to ask! (below is a pic of my family)!

My beautiful Family


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