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Postpartum Results (so far)

on March 5, 2013

It’s been a little over one week since Eve made her extremely quick appearance into this world, so… I figured a postpartum health update was due. If you haven’t already read Eve’s birth story, you can read it here. It’s slightly long so, if you don’t feel like reading it… Long story short- about 4 days of sporadic contractions varying in strength.. Lots of false labor frustration.. And a quick (got checked in at hospital at 7:30 ish pm and she was born at about 8:15 pm) non-medicated labor/delivery later.. Eve was here!

Anyway, postpartum update… Right after the birth I felt fantastic! I wasn’t groggy or exhausted- I felt like I was ready to get up and go on with my day! I almost felt literally like I was high on life. Such an amazing feeling! (Disclaimer: the previous 10-15 mins of labor… I felt like I was dying, literally). I’m not one hundred percent sure if it was not having drugs, the fast delivery, or because I had worked so hard to stay in shape. I can say however, my body’s fast recovery can only be due to the fact that I exercised and ate healthy consistently throughout my pregnancy. My stomach has never gone back to normal this quick, and I haven’t ever been able to fit into the majority of my postpartum clothes this fast.

One week sans baby and I was already down to 139 lbs; 120-125 lbs is my normal weight so, not much more to lose. Also, my legs and arms are still pretty toned. And as my ab muscles are coming back together, I can already see they still have some definition! (Just a side note: I’m not saying any of this to brag or show off… My goal was to write down my health journey through my pregnancy and record the results.. So that’s what this post is all about) 🙂

Another added benefit, Eve has passed all the newborn tests with flying colors! Every doctor or nurse that has seen her has commented on how healthy she is, and at her first check up she was already almost back up to her birth weight so, she doesn’t have to go back until the 1 month check-up! So, my conclusion is that all the work of exercising and watching what I eat has seriously paid off!



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