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Pregnant and fit is not an oxymoron.. its possible!

One Month Later…

It has been about a month since little Evey was born… Seriously time just slips by so fast! Anyway, one month postpartum update- I am hanging around 135 lbs losing a few ounces a week… But definitely losing inches around my hips and waistline. I have been making sure to get the extra calories needed since I am breastfeeding, but eating healthy foods to get those extra cals. I set a goal for myself Read the rest of this entry »

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Two Weeks Postpartum

Wow the time is flying by! Here I am at just over two weeks postpartum, and I feel like I just had her yesterday!! Anyway, so as far as progress… I am down to about 135 now, only about 10 more pounds to go to be at my normal weight! I can definitely say eating right and exercising has made a HUGE difference. Breast feeding has helped to shed the weight but, I breastfed both my boys and the weight never came off this quickly! It’s amazing how diet and exercise can impact your pregnancy so much! Read the rest of this entry »


Postpartum Results (so far)

It’s been a little over one week since Eve made her extremely quick appearance into this world, so… I figured a postpartum health update was due. If you haven’t already read Eve’s birth story, you can read it here. It’s slightly long so, if you don’t feel like reading it… Long story short- about 4 days of sporadic contractions varying in strength.. Lots of false labor frustration.. And a quick (got checked in at hospital at 7:30 ish pm and she was born at about 8:15 pm) non-medicated labor/delivery later.. Eve was here!

Anyway, postpartum update… Right after the birth I felt fantastic! Read the rest of this entry »

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She’s Here!!!!

Introducing Eve Annelyse Myers!!! She decided to make her (quick) appearance into this world at 8:13 PM on Friday February 22nd. Birth story following a picture of our beautiful baby girl…


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