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Baby Prep Ideas

on February 17, 2013

Just thought I would do a post with information on ways and ideas to prepare for the new little addition (and all the craziness that will ensure the week after delivery!). So here are a few things I have done:

– Pack a hospital bag (include toiletries, clothing for you, significant other, and baby, nursing pads/ cream, baby blankets, and any other item you might need to make your hospital stay more comfortable!)

– Get the house cleaned a thoroughly as you can pre-baby… You won’t feel like it post-baby for quite some time!

– Make sure all baby items like baby seats, car seats, strollers, cribs, etc are put together and ready to be used (its no fun trying to put it all together when you are sleep deprived and possibly stressed out!)

– Wrap up loose ends (ex: I am doing school and am trying to get significantly ahead on school work pre-baby so I won’t be stressing in the first few post-baby to make sure I get assignments in on time!)

– If you have other kids, make sure you have (solid) arrangements (that won’t fall through) for their care for 2-3 days while in the hospital

– And newest addition to my pre-baby prep list this time around… Prepare a decent amount of freezer meals! I have about 15 meals made up ready to throw in the oven or crock pot for a simple meal. You most likely won’t have time to make dinner and having freezer meals that you prepared from fresh ingredients, are much healthier than ordering out!

Hope that helps! Any advice from other experienced mom’s is greatly appreciated! Leave your advice or thoughts in the comments below! 🙂


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