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36 Weeks and Counting…

on February 7, 2013

I am midway through my 36th week of pregnancy! 23 days until my due date… although both of my boys were 10 days early so, she could come earlier! I had a doctor appointment today, which went well. I found out I am 50% effaced and about 2 cm dilated already. Not a bad start! But if you have been pregnant before you know, this doesn’t necessarily mean anything. I am going to take it a bit easy on the workouts but still continue very low impact resistance training and slow paced cardio. Although we would like to meet her soon… we also know that these last few weeks of sleeping consistently (well… mostly) and somewhat quietness is something to be cherished and not taken for granted! So, I don’t want to do anything to speed it up… too much ;).

So far I have gained 28 lbs, not too bad! I have also noticed that my arms and legs seem more toned than they were before I was preggo. With all the resistance training plus cardio (and the help of Pop Pilates), I have built more lean muscle mass… which is awesome! Lean muscles burn more calories than fat! So I’m thinking this experiment of working out and eating right throughout my pregnancy is going to be extremely beneficial after Eve makes her appearance. We shall see soon :)! And hopefully, this can help other preggo’s out there to stay healthy during pregnancy! Eventually I would like to take all the information and compile it into a “program” or guide on how to stay in shape and healthy for pregnant women. I really enjoy learning about living a healthful life and promoting it, especially in pregnancy, and can’t wait to pursue it as a career.

Anywho, I will continue to keep anyone interested update on how everything is progressing and whether or not I am able to keep this labor and delivery natural! Really hoping for natural but completely open to whatever interventions are necessary to get my little beauty out safely 🙂 Picture below is of me at 36 weeks! Hope you all have a wonderful week!

36 weeks


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