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35 Weeks! So Close to the End!

on January 29, 2013

Hello! So, I am 35 weeks now… so very close to the end (I need to put up a new belly picture)! I feel that I have done pretty good as far as staying healthy and in shape this pregnancy… although I thought all the exercising would help with the end of pregnancy body pains, but it hasn’t really 😦 . I guess there isn’t much you can do to help with the pain of a 6-7 lb baby putting pressure on your pelvic bone. Its all worth it though :). Anyway, as far as an update I have been moving along smoothly. I exercised 4 times this week (about an hour each time) and ate the standard balanced meals I have been eating all along. Gaining weight consistently, feeling great for the most part! I guess the real test as to whether or not I have done a good job staying in shape will come post baby. We shall see… in a few weeks (hopefully)!  On another note, my baby shower was this past weekend! My friend Steph threw a wonderful party, I got a TON of adorable clothes for little Eve! Plus a few other needed items like baby wash, towels, diapers, etc. It was a wonderful time of fellowship and hanging out with friends and family and I am so very thankful to have such wonderful people in my life! I love how life events have a tendency to bring people together! 🙂

As of right now I feel pretty prepared for little girl to make her appearance (in a few weeks). I started a new class for spring semester last week and have been able to get a few units a head, that way I don’t feel too overwhelmed once Eve is here! Its a GREAT class so far and I am going to do a couple separate posts after this one with some great nutritional information for preggo’s! Besides getting ahead in class, I have also gone back to my love for documentaries and watched a video that is a mini-series based off Ricki Lakes documentary “The Business of Being Born”. It was an interview with Ina May Gaskin, a well known midwife. Which caused me to explore the options as far as natural birth… leading me to start reading a book called, “Natural Hospital Birth” By Cynthia Gabriel. Excellent book so far! It gives you great information on how to prevent unnecessary medical interventions while still delivering at the hospital. I am by no means against medical intervention if it is absolutely needed or wanted by the mother. But often times birth isn’t progressing fast enough by the hospital’s standards and when medical intervention is suggested… a woman in birth automatically accepts thinking the hospital staff knows best, without figuring out whether it is really needed. Birth is a longer process for some and relatively quick for others. The key is to listen to your body and make decisions based on that.

When I was pregnant with my first, my water broke, so I went straight to the hospital and I dilated to about  5 cm within a couple hours. But then plateaued and so pitocin was suggested. At the time I wasn’t informed on pitocin’s effect on labor (it intensifies contractions.. and the pain that comes along with them!) so when it was suggested I said, “sure”.  So I then labored a few more hours through the pain until I was about 7 cm and couldn’t bare anymore and got an epidural. Then within a few hours had my beautiful baby boy. Although there isn’t anything wrong with that process, I think if I were to have let my body do it naturally and practiced relaxing techniques I may have been able to do it without drugs. From all the stories I have heard from women who labored naturally, nothing beats the rush of oxytocin after delivering your baby.. and with drugs in your system you don’t get the full effect of the oxytocin. So, I would like to try this one without anything… we’ll see how it goes though! I am not totally against epidurals or other helpful drugs, I just want to try without! I do suggest that you at least educate yourself on pitocin’s affects, and epidurals etc. There is one theory that with all these drugs being put into our bodies during labor that it could possibly be the cause of autism or ADHD… no confirmed results but just a thought and to be honest, it makes sense to me! I really suggest watching “The Business of Being Born” and the mini series after it. Just to get the information, if you like drug intervention and don’t want anything else… I totally support you! Just saying education is always a good thing 🙂 Anyway, I will get off my soap box and wish you all a great week! Keep on keepin’ on! 🙂


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