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RDA During Pregnancy

on January 15, 2013

So, after my previous post I was thinking I don’t know that I have ever posted information about what the recommended dietary allowance of nutrients for a pregnant lady are. Also including the Tolerable Upper Intake Levels (UL), the highest amount that can be tolerated without doing harm, so you don’t go over board on any vitamins or minerals. Try to stay within the RDA amounts but if for some reason you are getting more of a nutrient just make sure its below the UL. So, here you go:

Thiamin- 1.4 mg
Riboflavin- 1.4 mg
Niacin- 18 mg (UL- 30 mg)
Biotin- 30 micrograms
Pantothenic Acid- 6 mg
Vitamin B6- 1.9 mg (UL- 80-100 mg)
Folate- 600 micrograms (UL- 800-1000 micrograms)
Vitamin B12- 2.6 micrograms
Choline- 450 mg (UL- 3000-3500 mg)
Vitamin C- 80-85 mg (UL- 1800-2000 mg)
Vitamin A- 750-770 micrograms (UL- 2800-3000 micrograms)
Vitamin D- 5 micrograms (UL- 50 micrograms)
Vitamin E- 15 mg (UL- 800-1000 mg)
Vitamin K- 75-90 micrograms
Sodium- 1500 mg (UL- 23oo mg)
Chloride- 2300 mg (UL- 3600 mg)
Potassium- 4700 mg
Calcium- 1,000 mg (UL-2500 mg)
Phosphorus- 700 mg (UL- 3500 mg)
Magnesium- 350 mg (UL- 350 mg)
Iron- 27 mg (UL- 45 mg)
Zinc- 11-12  mg (UL- 34-40 mg)
Iodine- 220 micrograms (UL- 900-1100 micrograms)
Selenium- 60 micrograms (UL- 400 micrograms)
Copper- 1,000 micrograms (UL- 8,000-10,000 micrograms)
Manganese- 2.0 mg (UL- 9-11 mg)
Fluoride- 3 mg (UL- 10 mg)
Chromium- 29-30 micrograms
Molybdenum- 50 micrograms (UL- 1,700-2,000 micrograms)

Most of these vitamins or minerals, you probably haven’t heard of and aren’t sure where to get them. Just make sure you are eating a well balanced diet with a wide variety of fruits and veggies and you will be getting all that is needed! I also will include on this post the DRI (dietary reference intakes) for pregnancy to help you figure out what kind of diet you should be eating:

Water- 3 Liters/day
Energy- 1st Trimester: 0 added calories/ day; 2nd Trimester: 340 added calories/ day; 3rd Trimester: 400 added calories/day*
Carbohydrates- 175 g/day
Total fiber- 28 g/ day
Total fat- no recommended amount*
Linoleic acid- 13 g/day
Linolenic acid- 1.4 g/day (omega 3’s)
Protein- 25 added grams/ day*

For the categories that say added grams/ day- just take your current DRI for your height, weight, and sex and added this amount. Also, for the total fat, there isn’t a recommended amount. I would try to keep this within the percentage of total calories suggested (45-65% carbs, 10-35% Protein, and 20-35% Fats) and try to eat healthy fats (poly unsaturated, mono unsaturated, etc) as opposed to saturated fats.

Hope this information helps. All of the information above was taken from:
Personal Nutrition 7th Edition, by Marie A. Boyle & Sara Long. 2010, 2007 Wadsworth, Cengage Learning.


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