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Nearing the End

on January 8, 2013

So… its been a while. Sorry about that! With the holidays and how busy we’ve been lately I just haven’t had a chance to get on here and update! So, here is my update for the past few weeks…

The holidays were great, I have always loved this time of year since its a time of togetherness and sharing with others. The only thing I don’t love about it is ALL the junk food! Its SO hard not to go crazy with eating sweets and other really greasy fattening foods, especially when you are preggo!! That said, I did however, do fairly well with staying away from junk! I was kind of proud of myself, at my doctor appointment 2 days after christmas when the scale had only gone up a little over a pound from my last visit the month before! Self control is really hard during the holidays but oh so worth it! I was actually able to get at least 3 workouts in each week too! Its hard sometimes but if you at least start a small workout video or jump on the treadmill for a short walk (or even get out and go for an actual walk outside), at least you are getting yourself moving and blood pumping! And sometimes, that will spur you to continue the workout and before you know it, you’ve been working out for an hour or so! Just get your body moving even when you aren’t really feeling up to it. You don’t have to go all out or crazy, just start with something light and see where it goes. 🙂

As far as nutrition, I wasn’t eating the most balanced meals possible… in fact I was eating pretty junky on most days. 😦 We were so busy running around and getting things done that it was hard to stay balanced. I did however, make sure I had at least some kind of fruit and veggies even if it was a small amount. And I was paying attention to my caloric intake so that I didn’t gain more weight than needed. When trying to stay in shape (or lose weight if applicable) its important to calculate how many calories your body needs to just function and if you aren’t going to be active that day, keep your calorie intake within that range. If you are planning on being active figure out how many added calories you need to keep your body in balance according to how many calories you are burning. Here is a simple formula you can use:

1) Start with this number: 387 (women)   864 (men)

2) Multiply your age by: 7.31 (women)   9.72 (men)

3) Subtract the number from line 2 from the number in line 1

4) Multiply your weight in pounds by: 4.91 (women)  6.39 (men)

5) Multiply your height in inches by: 16.78 (women) 12.77 (men)

6) Add lines 4 and 5

7) Figure out your daily activity level:
– Sedentary (no regular activity): 1
– Low active (up to half hour per day): 1.14 (women)  1.12 (men)
– Active (30 to 60 mins): 1.27
– Very active (more than an hour): 1.45 (women)   1.54 (men)

8) Multiply the number from line 6 by line 7

9) Add lines 3 and 8. This is your total daily caloric maintenance level.

If you are confused here is an example for a 28 yr old;  5’4″;  125 lb female who is low active:
1) 387
2) 28 x 7.31= 205
3) 387 – 205= 182
4) 125 lbs x 4.91= 614
5) 64″ x 16.78= 1,074
6) 614 + 1,074= 1,688
7) 1.14
8) 1,688 x 1.14= 1,924
9) 182 + 1,924= 2,106 cals

Hope that helps! If its confusing in any way, feel free to ask any questions in the comments below. And, just keep on keepin’ on! Even when you fall off the track, get up and continue on! Don’t let missed workouts or splurge eating stop you from achieving your goal! Have a wonderful week!


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