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35 Weeks! So Close to the End!

Hello! So, I am 35 weeks now… so very close to the end (I need to put up a new belly picture)! I feel that I have done pretty good as far as staying healthy and in shape this pregnancy… although I thought all the exercising would help with the end of pregnancy body pains, but it hasn’t really 😦 . I guess there isn’t much you can do to help with the pain of a 6-7 lb baby putting pressure on your pelvic bone. Its all worth it though :). Anyway, as far as an update I have been moving along smoothly. I exercised 4 times this week (about an hour each time) and ate the standard balanced meals I have been eating all along. Gaining weight consistently, feeling great for the most part! I guess the real test as to whether or not I have done a good job staying in shape will come post baby. We shall see… in a few weeks (hopefully)! Read the rest of this entry »

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RDA During Pregnancy

So, after my previous post I was thinking I don’t know that I have ever posted information about what the recommended dietary allowance of nutrients for a pregnant lady are. Also including the Tolerable Upper Intake Levels (UL), the highest amount that can be tolerated without doing harm, so you don’t go over board on any vitamins or minerals. Try to stay within the RDA amounts but if for some reason you are getting more of a nutrient just make sure its below the UL. So, here you go: Read the rest of this entry »

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Week 33- The Plague Hits!

This past week, sickness hit the Myers household pretty hard. For the first few days it was only my 5 year old who had it and it seemed to come and go quick (although he did have high fevers of 103-104 degrees F).. but by the third day he was completely back to normal with no fever. Then, the next day it hit hard again he had a fever of 104.7 by the evening time! We gave him tylenol and let him sleep it off and he woke up the next day with a fever lingering around 100-101 degrees F. By the next day, I had caught it Read the rest of this entry »


Nearing the End

So… its been a while. Sorry about that! With the holidays and how busy we’ve been lately I just haven’t had a chance to get on here and update! So, here is my update for the past few weeks…

The holidays were great, I have always loved this time of year since its a time of togetherness and sharing with others. The only thing I don’t love about it is ALL the junk food! Its SO hard not to go crazy with eating sweets and other really greasy fattening foods, especially when you are preggo!! That said, I did however, do fairly well with staying away from junk! I was kind of proud of myself, at my doctor appointment 2 days after christmas when the scale had only gone up a little over a pound from my last visit the month before! Self control is really hard during the holidays but oh so worth it! I was actually able to get at least 3 workouts in each week too! Its hard sometimes but if you at least start a small workout video or jump on the treadmill for a short walk (or even get out and go for an actual walk outside), at least you are getting yourself moving and blood pumping! Read the rest of this entry »

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