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Nothing New.. Just an Update

on December 19, 2012

I am almost 30 weeks! So crazy how fast time is flying by! Anyway, not too much to update on this week. I have stayed pretty solid on my exercise routine (4-5 days a week, 30-45 mins each time). I have had to take the intensity down a little bit just because I was starting to feel uncomfortable while exercising.  As far as diet, I have done pretty good eating a wholesome diet but this week there was an abundance of sweets around our house (thanks to cookie baking day with the girls and the baby shower of a wonderful friend of mine)! So, I ate way more sweets than usual! Every time I would walk by the container with sweets in it, I would tell myself that I didn’t need it… but return 2 mins later and stuff my face. Oh well, I guess it is the Holiday season and I will just have to be more diligent on eating healthy in a week or so! 😉  One thing I did notice when I would stuff my face with sweets is that I would feel absolutely sick to my stomach a bit later… like I literally felt like I was getting a flu bug or something! Then the sugar and heart burn would wear off and I would feel fine! Its making me not want to eat sweets… which isn’t necessarily a bad thing!

I got my results back from the glucose tolerance test, and everything checked out normal. They did notice that I was low on iron and suggested I take an iron supplement. Easy peasy. The only problem I have had lately is serious HEARTBURN! Since the baby is getting bigger and pushing all of my organs into a compact space… any time I eat more than a handful of something I am living in heartburn city! It is AWFUL! Luckily a glass of milk or antacid tablets help… but it is still very uncomfortable. The thing you have to endure to have a precious little baby to cuddle.  So anyway, besides needing a little extra iron and having serious heartburn.. everything is going just fine! Hope you all are doing well! Have a great week! 🙂


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