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The Name Game…

on December 8, 2012

Ok so, we have had the name picked out since I was pregnant with Titus and we thought he might be a girl… but I realized although most of the people we know and talk to regularly know the name, I haven’t shared it on here! Although, in the beginning I was considering a few other names (Jovee, Claire, Ruthie, Anna…), I just really felt like her name is supposed to be the one we originally chose. And I know that it was pretty set in Sean’s mind even though I was considering others. So, its official! 🙂 .. the little beauty’s name will be…. Eve Annelyse!

We both absolutely love the name and meaning of Eve (Life giving). And for the middle name we chose Annelyse because, Sean’s mom’s middle name is Ann and my mom’s middle name is Elyse. So, we just combined the two so she can be named after two amazing people in one name! 🙂 The boy’s already call her “Evey” when they talk to her in my belly or talk about her to anyone else. So, the name is pretty set! We are excited and can’t wait to meet her in a few months! 🙂



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