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Making Some Progress!

on November 28, 2012

So, this week… I was able to fit in 4 workouts! Yay! Finally getting back on track! Woo hoo! I’m not going to get too excited though, just in case I fall behind once again. Just gotta take it week by week, with no expectations and see how it goes. I have decided to just start the week with the plan of at least working out once and if I fit more in, great! Anyway, my workout schedule this week was 2 days of pop pilates videos (1-2 cardio videos, and 1-2 strength training videos of alternating sections of the body), and then 2 days of 35 mins on the treadmill (speed varying was between 3.5- 4.5 and I gradually increased the incline up to 5 and then back down) and I paired it with the pop pilates bikini blaster for arms (one for each day). I felt great after getting those workouts in! AND to top it off, this week has started out great with 2 workouts so far! If you are having trouble getting motivated after a lull, I encourage you to at least try a short cardio video from pop pilates (or wherever you choose) or go for a short walk to get you going.

Hope you all are doing great, I am in the last two weeks of school for this semester so I might be kind of crazy for the next two weeks. But, I will try to post a few things as far as nutrition goes, and maybe finally the belly progress post I promised so long ago! We’ll see! Have a wonderful week!


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