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Thanksgiving is Here… Best Holiday for a Preggo Lady!!

on November 20, 2012

Yay! So excited its almost thanksgiving! Can’t wait to stuff my face with delicious food! I think this is the one day a year that I have no restraints when it comes to food. Although, this year I am going to attempt to at least keep the fattening foods to a minimum and try to eat the healthier nutritious foods first so that I get some good nutrients into my body and not just sugar and fat :). We’ll see how that goes.

Anyway, this past week, as I stated last week, I was coming down with a cold or something… I did :/. It only lasted for the first half of the week though. So, by Friday I was feeling pretty good and got a serious workout in on Saturday. It was a little too serious though, and so I was extremely sore sunday and monday! I feel much better today, and hope to ease back into a routine finally! As far as weight gain goes, I have been doing great so far… I have gained about 14 lbs and I am in my 26th week. Not too bad, I am hoping that all the resistance training I had done previously (and hope to continue until I deliver) will help with the weight loss post baby. We will see in about 14 weeks! Then I will try to post a post pregnancy workout type plan and eating plan.

Hope you all enjoy your thanksgiving… don’t got too over board with the food and enjoy spending some time with your loved ones! And, lesson of the day: if you have to take a break from working out, make sure you ease yourself back into it instead of making the mistake I did and going too intense. It will just make you sore and unable to workout out for a few days. Side note- Whenever you are coming back into working out from a break (especially if it was particularly long) remember to gradually increase the intensity and resistance, so you don’t hurt yourself, or even cause yourself to become burnt out and not want to exercise. That seems to happen a lot! Keep it simple, give yourself variety, and DON’T over-do it!  🙂


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