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Life… Seems to ALWAYS Get in the Way..

on November 13, 2012

Well, once again I have not been able to follow my plan for staying in shape! I should probably just give up at this point.. just kidding! But seriously… why when we are motivated and seems like we have a legit plan, life makes it near impossible to follow through? So lame! Anyway, I guess the lesson in it all is that, no matter what we have planned for life you gotta stay on your toes, be ready and willing to adjust to change, and roll with the punches :). This week I only got one actual workout in- 45 mins on the treadmill and then two pop pilates videos. But, even though I wasn’t able to fit a workout in any other day, I made sure to keep active. I made cleaning the house a workout (holding a squat while wiping down the kitchen counters, lunges while cleaning the kitchen floor, lifting heavy items repetitiously, etc), I also tried to make sure to actually PLAY with my boys and run around with them instead of checking out facebook while they ran around and played ;). The main idea is to continue to eat right and keep active in whatever way is applicable to your situation! If you can create a workout plan and stick to it… more power to ya! If not, just keep yourself busy in all the things you are doing!

One reason I wasn’t able to stick to my plan this week for exercise was that I had this huge ordeal in giving away our dog :(. Unfortunately the nice man we found for her, wasn’t able to keep Scarlett because she attacked his cat pretty badly. So, the day after I thought I found her a new (and perfectly wonderful home), we had her back in our possession. That next day (wednesday) in the morning she attacked our cat pretty viciously… I literally had to grab Scarlett by her skin and rip her off our kitty, Hulk style. And then when I reprimanded her, she pushed past me and ran after the cat growling and barking trying to catch him again. After seeing this play out, I immediately felt that for the safety of our kids (just in case this new found aggression towards other animals, turned to aggression towards people, or more specifically children) she needed to be taken in to the Humane Society. I looked for a no-kill shelter to take her to but every single place said they get their animals from ones turned into the Humane Society, so taking her there was my best bet. So, that day I had my parents watch the kiddos so, I could take her in (Sean would have but, he had to work until the Humane Society was closed).

It was the MOST AWFUL experience I have ever been through. I had such a hard time turning her over. At first I was really strong and quietly kept my emotions at bay… until a nice lady, who was turning in a kitten, asked my why I would be bringing in such a beautiful, young pup. Before I could say one word to her, I broke out in an uncontrollable sob… super embarrassing!  So, I explained to her the whole situation and everyone around that heard my story (including the volunteers working at the Humane Society), assured me that since she was so adorable and young, she would definitely be adopted quick. When it was finally my turn to fill out the paperwork and turn in my little baby Scarly poo, I was barely able to talk to the guy checking her in through my tears. Meanwhile Scarlett was checking out all the baby kittens waiting to be turned in, looking for her next meal, without a care in the world. Then, when I handed her leash over, I lost it once again, sobbing uncontrollably, not wanting to hand this little girl that I nursed back to health when I almost lost her to Parvo… but knowing I had to do it and it was for the best. Once again, Scarlett having not one care in the world gladly followed the volunteer in to the back room, without looking back once.

I couldn’t stop crying until I was almost all the way home from the place. And I felt like the most horrible person in the world, but I knew it was what needed to happen and was for the best. So, anyway… that kind of put a damper on my week and I just didn’t feel like pursuing my workout plan. Plus, it was just a busy week in general, and my husband had a different schedule than normal, which kind of threw everything out of whack. But, this week is back to normal (except the fact that I feel like I may be coming down with something) :(. So, we shall see what this week holds!

So, in all of that, if you take away one thing… be willing to change up you schedule if needed, and (okay two things..) no matter what, STAY ACTIVE! Even if you aren’t getting actual workouts in, keep yourself moving and doing things! Hope you enjoyed this weeks entry! 🙂


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