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Pregnant and fit is not an oxymoron.. its possible!

Week 23

on November 6, 2012

The last few weeks have been so busy for us, this is the season for busy-ness I guess. So, I was only able to fit in one actual workout last week as I was trying to get caught up on school work, life after vacation, finding our dog a new home 😦 etc. Life just hits ya at any moment with no care in the world as to what you are trying to accomplish with your time! Anyway…

We did find a new home for our little puppers Scarlett. The man who adopted her from us will give her the best home possible, it sounded like she would be living like a queen, with all the treats and chew toys she could ever imagine. He also goes fishing a lot, so she will get to join him in those adventures! Although, I am very sad and will miss her a lot, I am very happy to know she will be in good hands! I think the worst part of the whole situation was when the man was putting Scarlett in his car, Titus freaked out and started crying saying, “I want Scar! I want Scar!”… it was pretty awful as a mom to see your child in emotional turmoil like that. But, he is fine today (she left yesterday) and has no care whatsoever. 🙂

As far as schooling goes, I started a new 8 week course on Gestational Diabetes and nutrition! I hope to be able to use the information I learn to help anyone who may read this blog that has GD with their nutritional needs! I also just finished a chapter on Fat Metabolism, which was very interesting and when I get the time to sit down and share this information with you, I am all over it! I have so many bits of information that I need to share, just haven’t found the time yet… I will though, I promise!

As a major project for my human nutrition class I had to do a full nutritional analysis on myself and learned a lot! I didn’t realize how much sodium I was taking in (you should get 2,300 mg or less per day), I was taking in 3,000-3,200 mg/ day! And I don’t even really add salt to anything! It made me more aware of reading labels to make sure, what I am eating isn’t super high in sodium. The thing that killed me was chips and salsa… the salsa alone (for one cup) had 1,020 mg! I was eating it as a “healthy” snack, I thought. From now on I will be making my own salsa! I was also surprised to learn that I wasn’t quite getting the amount of calories needed for the amount expended. I only had about a 20-25 k/cal deficit but still, when being preggo a deficit isn’t really all that good. So, I just need to step it up a bit 🙂 If you a curious about your caloric intake/ output check out this post. Anyway, hopefully I do better this week with my exercising and things get a bit back to normal! As always if you have any questions.. feel free to ask!


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