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Pregnant and fit is not an oxymoron.. its possible!

Making Some Progress!

So, this week… I was able to fit in 4 workouts! Yay! Finally getting back on track! Woo hoo! I’m not going to get too excited though, just in case I fall behind once again. Just gotta take it week by week, with no expectations and see how it goes. I have decided to just start the week with the plan of at least working out once and if I fit more in, great! Read the rest of this entry »

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Incredibly Tasty Sweet Potato Casserole

I have never been a fan of sweet potato casserole. The combination of sweet potatoes with marshmallow is just way too sweet and the consistency doesn’t sit well with me. So, I always avoid it during Thanksgiving meals. Until one glorious Thanksgiving holiday that we went to a friends house and had a taste of the most amazing sweet potato casserole I have ever graced my taste buds with.. For those of you who don’t like sweet potato casserole, I urge you to try the following recipe! Its incredibly simple and sooooo delicious!

3 C Sweet Potatoes (mashed)- I use Jewel Yams
1 C Brown Sugar (Packed)
2 Eggs (lightly beaten)
1 tsp Vanilla extract
1/2 C Milk (I use Almond milk)
1/2 C Butter (melted) or Oil

1/2 C Brown Sugar (packed)
1/3 C Flour (use rice, sorghum, or even almond flour for gluten free version)
1/3 C Butter (melted)
1 C Pecans (chopped)

Combine the first 6 ingredients well. Pour into a 1 1/2 – 2 quart glass casserole dish. Mix topping ingredients together and sprinkle over top. Bake at 350 degrees for 30-40 minutes. Let cool, and enjoy!!

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Thanksgiving is Here… Best Holiday for a Preggo Lady!!

Yay! So excited its almost thanksgiving! Can’t wait to stuff my face with delicious food! I think this is the one day a year that I have no restraints when it comes to food. Although, this year I am going to attempt to at least keep the fattening foods to a minimum and try to eat the healthier nutritious foods first so that I get some good nutrients into my body and not just sugar and fat :). We’ll see how that goes.

Anyway, this past week, as I stated last week, I was coming down with a cold or something… I did :/. Read the rest of this entry »

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Life… Seems to ALWAYS Get in the Way..

Well, once again I have not been able to follow my plan for staying in shape! I should probably just give up at this point.. just kidding! But seriously… why when we are motivated and seems like we have a legit plan, life makes it near impossible to follow through? So lame! Anyway, I guess the lesson in it all is that, no matter what we have planned for life you gotta stay on your toes, be ready and willing to adjust to change, and roll with the punches :). This week I only got one actual workout in- 45 mins on the treadmill and then two pop pilates videos. But, even though I wasn’t able to fit a workout in any other day, I made sure to keep active. I made cleaning the house a workout Read the rest of this entry »

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