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Where Does the Time Go??

on October 13, 2012

Well, I had another busy week and wasn’t able to get on here and post as much as I would have liked to! But, things happen and you just gotta roll with the punches! 😉 Anywho… here is a brief snap shot of my last two weeks: after my previous post I was still battling that yucky sick feeling, so I wasn’t able to get my workouts in yet again. However, that thursday I did jog on the treadmill for about 20 mins and did three pop pilates videos (Awesomesauce Arms, Apt friendly Cardio, and Drive By Inner Thigh challenge).. after that workout, I started to feel better! I wasn’t able to follow my workout plan though because some friends, my husband, and I spent the weekend up in Lake Havasu to kind of scout things out (We are in the process of starting a possible church plant next year sometime). Since we were checking the area out, there wasn’t much time to workout (let alone in the space in our tiny ghetto hotel room… long story). So, I did not get back into working out until the following Monday, (the beginning of this week). 

This week started with my family and I literally running up to the store to get a few groceries for the week. Its about a mile from our house so, it was a nice little jog! Plus, I felt kind of “hipster-ish” since we didn’t drive our car up to the store! Then, on Tuesday Sean and some guys wanted to throw the football around so we ran to another park about a mile and a half from our house and then when we got home I did a few pop pilates video’s… pretty good workout! I didn’t do anything wednesday (I did have a dr appt and once again got to hear little girls heart beating nice and strong). Thursday is my husbands day off and since it was gorgeous outside, we walked up to another park that was a little over a mile from our house, and let the boys play for an hour or so, then walked back. It was a nice little walk 🙂 . I didn’t workout yesterday… hung out with an awesome friend, and then had a lot of work to get done. So, I’m planning on getting a workout today but, we’ll see how the day goes! As far as eating, besides the Lake Havasu trip where we had to eat out a lot, I’ve done pretty good eating well balanced and nutritious foods… with a few treats added in here and there ;).

Once again, just like I stated on my last post… I hope that my blog posts can keep you encouraged to keep on going and striving to stay in shape and eat right while preggo. And remind you that, everyone has days where they get too busy and things like exercise have to be put on hold. But, don’t let a few missed days (or a weeks!) hold you back from continuing on! Just find a day that you have some time and start again… and on days where you feel like you don’t have much time but really need to do something active, try to incorporate exercise with what you have to accomplish for the day (Walk to the grocery store, or just park farther out so you have to walk a little more, or maybe take a quick break to take a walk or jog around the block) anything helps! And like always I am a huge fan and supporter of pop pilates and Cassey has some great short workouts (some that incorporate strength training and cardio!)… if you don’t have much time, try to do one or two of those! Hope you all are having a great weekend! And I have been learning some really cool stuff in my nutrition classes that I hope to have time to post soon! Look for those posts in the upcoming week!

P.S. If you are doing the pop pilates workouts like I am.. here is a modification for those whose bellies are starting to pop (since you really shouldn’t be laying on your back for too long)… You can either stack a few pillows behind your back to prop you slightly up or lean back on your elbows to slightly prop yourself up. Either one works great.. on your elbows you get a bit of an extra oblique workout and if you have a sore lower back you’ll want to avoid this position.. using the pillows is slightly easier and way less strain on the back. Do which ever works best for you!


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