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Its a……..

on October 4, 2012

Girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We found out today that we are having a girl! So, totally unexpected! We both really thought we were going to have a 3rd boy. But, we are both so excited that we will be having a baby girl! I think I am still somewhat in shock over it… but I’m sure it will set in soon. I can’t wait to go shopping for girly clothes and learn how to do cute little hairstyles (if this girl ever has hair… I didn’t get hair until I was like 2!). Anyway, we are excited… the boys left the appointment pretty excited as well (but, I think its because they got a cool Transformer sticker from the lady at the front desk).

The baby measured on the big size, but everything was completely healthy. Its so crazy to be able to see inside of your own body and “see” the growing baby. Such a crazy and beautiful miracle! She was a little stubborn and was facing in towards my body so we only got one profile picture. She had her legs crossed the first time they looked but luckily she eventually gave us a shot so we could see she was in fact a she πŸ˜‰ but then she quickly crossed them again… stubborn little girl. Oh man, hope that isn’t a glimpse of what is to come! I’m hoping with two older brothers.. she’ll turn out down to earth and chill. But, we shall see! Anyway, just thought I would update on how everything went and hopefully I’ll get those belly pics up soon! Hope you all have a great week!


4 responses to “Its a……..

  1. mfsanders57 says:

    WONDERFUL!!! I had two boys and then a girl! Go out and get some girly stuff!
    Marianne Sanders

  2. Jeani Stoeckel says:

    Yippee!!!! sooooooo excited for you…..I too had 2 boys first then a girl…..15 years later (talk about unexpected) lol….she is my Sunshine and so blessed to have both….Jeani (Sara’s mom:)))) you are glowing by the way!!

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