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Nearing the End of the 2nd Trimester

Hello all! Sorry, again (for like the 5th time) for the long break between posts… we had a family vacation to Manasota Keys, Florida this past week and I just didn’t get around to posting while I was enjoying the gorgeous beach right outside our door ;). Anyway, since we were on vacay this past week… I did HORRIBLE as far as exercise and eating right! We did do a lot of walking around and I did a few sets of lunges, push-ups, and triceps dips one day. And I wouldn’t say we ate entirely horrible, but we did have dessert pretty much everyday and I think I got a pastry from starbucks at least 5 times this week! We did eat lots of veggies and fruits though. So, anyway… hoping to get back into the grind of things this week! As you can see (and hopefully use to stay motivated) things happen and so sometimes you get out of routine but just keep on doing what you can when you can, and you’ll be ok!

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Great Treadmill Workout!

This week, Cassey from Pop Pilates posted this great treadmill workout, click here to check it out! I tried it (but modified to fit my personal fitness levels) and it kicked my booty! I loved it too since I am an avid treadmill user, it was nice to change it up a bit from the same old, same old! So, check it out and do it!

If you are preggo and aren’t sure how to modify it, this is what I did: Read the rest of this entry »

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Yet Another Delicious Treat!

I am a HUGE fan of pinterest… especially the food and drink category ever since I’ve been preggo (I wonder why??! 😉 ). So, I am also a HUGE fan of Chai spiced lattes and any type of spiced treat… one day on pinterest, I found this amazingly scrumptious treat:

Chai Spiced Loaf with a Cinnamon Glaze! Click to get the full recipe! I made it two days ago and its already almost gone… so amazingly delicious and if you want to “healthify” it: you can make it with whole wheat flour (I recommend white whole wheat from King Arthur brand), and add Wheat Germ, flax seed, chia seeds etc. Also, I exchanged the butter for canola oil since it has more health benefits (you could use olive, sunflower, coconut, etc). I also used soy milk in place of the milk, if you want to make it vegan you could use any alternative milk and use flaxseed meal with water to replace the egg (1 Tbsp flax to 2 Tbsp water ratio per egg). OR if you want to make it gluten free.. use a gluten free flour mix in place of the flour. Hope that helps and hope you enjoy it as much as I did!!!

P.S. I would take a picture but its already almost gone… so you’ll just have to look at the one on the website where the recipe is found!


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Where Does the Time Go??

Well, I had another busy week and wasn’t able to get on here and post as much as I would have liked to! But, things happen and you just gotta roll with the punches! 😉 Anywho… here is a brief snap shot of my last two weeks: after my previous post I was still battling that yucky sick feeling, so I wasn’t able to get my workouts in yet again. However, that thursday I did jog on the treadmill for about 20 mins and did three pop pilates videos (Awesomesauce Arms, Apt friendly Cardio, and Drive By Inner Thigh challenge).. after that workout, I started to feel better! I wasn’t able to follow my workout plan though because some friends, my husband, and I spent the weekend up in Lake Havasu to kind of scout things out (We are in the process of starting a possible church plant next year sometime). Since we were checking the area out, there wasn’t much time to workout (let alone in the space in our tiny ghetto hotel room… long story). So, I did not get back into working out until the following Monday, (the beginning of this week).  Read the rest of this entry »

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