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This Week was a Stinker

on September 29, 2012

So, the beginning of this week started out great! I got my new Nike Lunar Forevers… and I LOVE them! Look for a pic of me wearing them in the progressive belly pic post I will put up in the next couple days 🙂 Anyway, I started this week by going running with my family 2 times and doing a couple great workouts via Pop Pilates on youtube! But then, Wednesday I got sick! 😦 And I have been feeling really up and down since then so, basically if I don’t feel better by tomorrow and get a workout in tomorrow.. I won’t have hit my goal of at least working out 3 times a week! I did go for a walk with my family on Thursday but… it was only around the block, so I don’t think that really counts! Anyway, the reason I am posting this is… I want to remind those out there (Preggo or not) that sometimes we fall short of the expectations and goals we have set for ourselves. But… that’s ok!! And all you need to do is keep on going! Don’t let one missed goal or one bad week hold you back from stay up with your ultimate goal of being fit and healthy! In the words of Dori (Finding Nemo)… Just keep swimmin 😉 Hope this helps to encourage you to keep your head up and continue on this wonderful journey.

P.S. I also wanted to say that, the preggo ones who may have stumbled upon this blog late in pregnancy or maybe even started out on the wrong foot as far as staying active, fit and eating right… Don’t worry! Its never too late to start! So, start NOW… obviously when it comes to exercise, start out slow. Maybe start with walking for 20-30 mins on the treadmill and use 2-3 pound weights for resistance (or none if those are too heavy). You have to start somewhere and months or years from now you will be so glad that you did. Sitting it out and saying you’ll start later, never got anyone anywhere! So, get up start out slow and progress as you see fit! (With my first I didn’t start exercising until like 7 months preggo or something check out my About Me section if you would like to read more about it!)

Hope you had a great week and as always, if you have any questions… feel free to ask!


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