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Living La Vida Loca!

on September 22, 2012

So… not really quite sure if the title is spelled correctly.. but I’m gonna go with it 😉

Anyway, I have not been very good at the weekly update the past couple weeks… life got a bit crazy once again! I had a bit of an overload of school work because I wasn’t paying attention to when assignments were due and had 3 labs, 2 discussions, an assessment, and a test all due within a couple days of each other last week! So, sorry about the small hiatus! I’m back… think I have a little better of a handle on things and ready to update on my fitness/ eating progress! 

Since life got crazy.. I didn’t do so well in the working out department for a week or so. Even though things were crazy though, I was still able to do three days of 30-45 mins of workout videos with Pop Pilates (Typically, A cardio, then specified area, cardio, specified area again… and then I would do a short cool down/ stretching on my own). The week after all the craziness, (this past week) I felt kinda like a rockstar! I was able to run on the treadmill twice this week (running 2.5 to 3 miles each time) and then did 2-3 pop pilates videos; I also did cardio videos and specified area workouts for about an hour twice this week (the days I didn’t run on the treadmill); and I went running with my fam! I plan on getting in a workout today and possibly running with my husband. And doing a short, like 30 min, workout tomorrow as well. So, with all that said… I just want to encourage you, even if you feel like life is crazy and you have no time.. find at least 30 mins (or even just 20 if you are super crunched for time) and GET IT DONE! 🙂 You will feel 100 times better physically and mentally if you can do this! I think a lot of times we have tendencies to think that a 20 min workout is lame and won’t do anything so since we don’t have time for anything more than that, it’d be better to skip it… and I’m saying, 20 hard core minutes of working out is better than no working out! So, just do it!

Speaking of Just Do it! … I bought some Nike Lunar running shoes this week and they are SUPER cute! They are like a Periwinkle blue/ light blue and neon yellow color.. I love them (how they look at least.. haven’t tried them out yet.. so I’ll let ya know how that goes when I do!)

As far as eating this week, my husband decided that he wants to try to go the rest of this month with eating mostly salads (including anything you can put into a salad: cheese, eggs, bacon, nuts, legumes, etc) and fruits.. except for on fridays. For the first week of it we did really good.. but as the week progressed and we were busily running around we didn’t do as well. But, we still have stayed away from junk for the most part and have gotten better at eating wholesome foods. I really try to make 75-80% of the things we eat homemade, its hard sometimes but.. so worth it! (I will post an excellent recipe I have for homemade pizza crust sometime this week!) So, my advice in the nutrition department… I KNOW junk food sounds good.. but DON’T DO IT! Have ready made healthy snacks, cut up vegggies, fruit, etc; so you won’t go for the junk! It’ll be better for you and for your growing little one! Hope you all are doing great.. keep on keepin’ on! And as always, if you have any questions… feel free to ask!


P.S. I have been learning some really cool stuff in my nutrition classes and CANNOT WAIT to share it!!! Look for these post in the near future! 🙂


2 responses to “Living La Vida Loca!

  1. Ashley says:

    Congrats on the new blog! I wish this would have come out 9 months ago as I am only 5 days from my due date! But, I completely agree with your philosophy and have been consistently working out through my pregnancy and think that is why I feel so amazing with only 5 days to go. I love the nutrition aspect of your blog…definitely the part I need the most help with ;). Looking forward to reading your posts.

    • mommymyers says:

      Aw Thanks Ashley! Its great to hear that you have stayed active with your pregnancy and feel great still 5 days from the due date (and I’ve seen your pics on fb.. you look great too)! I hope all goes well in L & D!! 🙂 I am trying to incorporate blog posts that even the non-preggers can use, and I will try to post some info about post-pregnancy nutrition soon… that way if you need any info in that area, it’ll be here for you to reference! Thank you so much for your comment! and I wish you the best!!

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