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Just Keep Swimmin’

on September 10, 2012

This week was pretty consistent, I worked out 5 of the days and ate pretty good for the most part (with the occasional treat.. and pizza one night). Things have been moving along as planned. In the first trimester I gained 3 pound total and so far after the first two weeks of my second trimester, I have only gained one additional pound which is exactly what is suggested in weight gain! That made me feel excited to see that my efforts aren’t in vain! So at this point I just want to encourage you and remind you to keep on keepin on! Try to eat a well balanced diet (that is nutritionally dense… I’ll post about this later today/tomorrow). And even if you don’t feel like going hard for a workout (or even lifting a finger), I challenge you to do at least a little something! The days that I completely feel like poop, I have started just doing one or two of the cardio workouts from Pop Pilates and then I usually want to do a couple more of the strength training exercises afterward. Then, after all of that I feel great, and glad I pushed myself!

This week as far as exercise I really used mostly videos from Pop Pilates… They are so easy to just put on real quick and get a short but effective workout! I also found out that if you are having trouble lying on your back for a workout (like Pop Pilates Drive By Inner thighs challenge) you can place a couple pillows behind your back to lay on and take the strain off. As long as you aren’t doing anything too straining on your body.. go for it!

Oh, I have my first Dr appointment on wednesday so… look for a post with an update on how that goes! Hope anyone reading this had a great week! And as always, if you have any questions… feel free to ask!


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