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Exercise Modifications & Recommendations

on September 3, 2012

As your belly starts to grow, you should start to modify some of the exercises and stretches you are doing to accommodate for the added weight. These modification will help you to avoid injury, strain, or discomfort while exercising.

  • First, like I’ve said a million times… ALWAYS warm-up! This is a huge help in avoiding over heating or over doing it and hurting yourself!
  • Choose exercises that emphasize good posture and stop doing any exercises that are causing discomfort or pain (even with modifications).
  • Use seated, side lying, and supported standing exercises whenever possible
  • Focus on strengthening the upper back to help compensate for the postural changes.
  • Strengthen the abdominal muscles by doing pelvic tilts in standing or hands-and-knees position, or using a stability ball in a supine incline position (when the head is higher than the hips the risk associated with a supine position is largely minimized). You could also do 30-60 second intervals holding the plank position as long as there is no discomfort.
  • Generally, use lower resistance in all exercises the would be used in a non-pregnant state.
  • Emphasize breathing to avoid holding your breath, which causes your blood pressure to increase and compromise blood flow to the fetus.
  • Use single joint isolation exercises instead of multi joint exercises (do exercises that focus on one specified movement to decrease the risk of injury).
  • Use shorter lever exercises (keeping elbows and knees slightly bent).
  • Exercises that use momentum should play no role in your routine, these exercises could compromise your balance and throw you off.

Exercise during pregnancy can play a very import role in comfort level while carrying and a huge role during delivery! As long as it is done right, you aren’t pushing yourself too hard, and you make the modifications necessary as your body starts to grow… it should be refreshing and fun for you as well! Always keep in mind if something hurts and a modification doesn’t help, discontinue the exercise! And you know your body better than anyone else… listen to it (but don’t use that to make excuses for not exercising!) My current fave Pop Pilates instructor Cassey Ho always says, “Train Insane or Remain the Same!” … I completely agree and think as long as necessary modifications are made and you are listening to your body (and following your RPE scale)… this is a possibility even when preggo! Hope this helps and as always, if you have any questions… feel free to ask!


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