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Blink of an Eye

on September 3, 2012

14 weeks… 2nd trimester… well hello there my friend! 🙂 I can’t believe I am already starting the 2nd trimester! That felt like it went by FAST! Maybe because its my third pregnancy? Or we haven’t really made a big hoopla about it quite yet… since I have yet to see a doctor (finally got my first appt planned in a week!). Anyway… all that matters is here we are starting the second trimester which is supposedly the breath of fresh air any refluxed/ nauseous/ vomiting preggo lady is dying for since hormones ease up a bit this trimester, typically (not always… sorry). My first two pregnancies I didn’t really notice a difference in trimester changes because compared to this one they were super easy! This time I have been pretty nauseous… no actual vomiting, just feeling like I’m going to every minute of the day that’s all. No Big 😉 I have to say that I have noticing it ease up a bit, still have reflux issues but.. thats what plain toast and a bottle of Tums are for.. oh and exercise too!

Speaking of exercise… the week was a decent week. I wasn’t feeling the treadmill too much so, I think I only did it once this week. I did get in my cardio however, from my fave Cassey Ho with Pop Pilates! She has some really great short cardio videos that are awesome and get the job done (with some slight modifications). If you are a fan of pilates I really recommend trying out some of Cassey’s videos, they rock! My husband even did one with me (Call Me Maybe Mighty Squat Challenge) and he said his legs were hurtin’ the next day… she knows what she’s doing! So… check her out at!

Ok so, back to my update… I did workout 5 days this week, 2 really intense workout days and 3 lighter workout days that still got the job done! I am noticing my legs toning up even though I am gaining baby weight (I’m at about 3 pounds gained currently). The belly is growing but nowhere else really… which is exciting because my other two pregnancies I was already out of my regular clothes and moving up the size chart! So, I say that to encourage you! Even if you can only get in 20-30 mins of light exercise and you aren’t really feeling it… just do it and try to make it really count (do one or two of Pop Pilates challenges for legs or arms, or do some resistance training and squats/ lunges for 10-15 mins). As far as food goes, I am pregnant too and I TOTALLY understand your desire to eat junk! I want to make and eat cookie dough A-L-L- D-A-Y… however I know that wouldn’t be nutritionally sound for me or the baby, nor would it be good for post baby weight loss. So… I limit myself to one “treat” a day and I try to make those treats either small portions or a tid bit healthier (ex: a small cup of milk and 4 Graham cracker squares). If you wanna get serious, my friend Bethany has introduced me to some delicious gluten free treats made from things like garbanzo beans and dates, some with chocolate chips in them, from I know they sound crazy… but you have to at least try the cookie dough balls, they are de-lish!!!

Any who… Hope you all are doing good staying on track! I’ll try to post this week a sample meal plan for a balanced diet while preggo (and I’ll include one for those who aren’t preggo too)! I also plan on doing a post about carbs.. and how they are eaten right they are not the bad guys as some have stated! 🙂 Hope you all had a great week!  As always if you have any questions… feel free to ask!


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