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A Little Behind This Week…

on August 25, 2012

So, I started my fall semester of school at Central Arizona College this week and the new van we bought broke down so, we had to take it back and search for another one… needless to say it was a crazy week! So, I wasn’t able to get on here and post anything new. All has settled down finally we got the van situation under control and so here I am posting an update on my progress finally! 🙂

Although it was a crazy week, I was able to squeeze in 2 intense work outs and go running with my family one night (we usually run up to the circle K by our house to fill up our 5 gal water jugs and then haul them back on the stroller with the kiddos… great work out, for my husband at least). And I still have today and tomorrow to try and fit at least one more workout in! So far so good as far as exercise goes!  And since I didn’t post an update for last week… I was really on track for exercise! I did 3 days of intense work outs and 2 days of lighter but still effective workouts! I also discovered that you can still do burpees while preggo, (you just have to modify it as you start to get bigger)! So for cardio on the lighter workout days I did 3-4 mins of jogging in place, high knees and jumping side to side and then did 2-3 sets of 10 burpees, then did jogging, high knees etc for another 5-6 mins. In total it was about 12-15 mins of cardio. Burpees really get your heart pumping… its pretty great!

As far as food goes, this week (and last week… besides the hot wings from Little Caesars and Red Robin) was pretty good. I made quite a few healthier homemade dishes and since I haven’t been feeling as nauseated eating veggies and healthier options has been a breeze! I made a really delicious healthier Mac N Cheese with quinoa pasta, (I’ll post the recipe on here), my kids actually really liked it too! Success!

I am entering into my last week of the first trimester so, things should start to progress quicker now (meaning my belly growth)… I’ll try to post a progression of the belly growth with pictures sometime after it starts to grow! For now that is all I have to say, the classes I am taking this semester are already full of great nutritional information (especially my Applied Food Science class… just learned how plants are genetically modified.. super interesting, not really for it but it was interesting!). Can’t wait to share the information that will help you make healthier choices and be informed on nutrition and your personal diet! 🙂


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