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Caloric Intake for the General Public

on August 8, 2012

Just thought it would be a great informational post to add how to figure out your caloric intake needs for the general public and if your preggo… just add the calories specified in this post.

To determine your daily calorie requirement:

-First, determine your resting metabolic rate (RMR see below for def) by taking your current body weight and multiplying by 10.
(ex: 120 x 10= 1,200)

-Next, estimate how many calories you need for scheduled or planned exercise each day: You can estimate this by using the following caloric assignments-

  • low level activities- (ex: walking) 3 to 5 cal per minute
  • moderate level activity- (ex: weight training) 6 to 10 cal per minute
  • high level activity- (ex: jump rope, jogging) 11 to 15 cal per minute
  • super intensity- (ex: sprinting or fast rowing) 16 to 20 cal per minute

You would take the amount of time exercising and multiply it by the corresponding level of activity calorie expenditure for each given activity for the day. (Example: If you had a normal 30 minute strength training session it would be 30 x 6 = 180 total calories; and if you also ran 6 mph 0n the treadmill for 30 mins would be 30 x 10 = 300 total calories; the total expenditure would equal 480 calories for the day.)

-Then, determine how many calories you use for daily activities separate from exercise by the following:

  • If you are sedentary add 20-40% of the calculated RMR (from step 1)
  • If you are moderately active add 40-60% of the RMR
  • If you are very active add 60-80% of the RMR

Ex: based on 1,200 for RMR and moderately active- 0.5 x 1,200 = 600 daily activity calories

– Last, add all the numbers from steps 1,2 and 3 to figure out your daily caloric intake. Ex: 1,200 + 480 + 600 = 2,280

Your daily caloric intake may vary from day to day depending on your activity level and exercise level. But if you figure out what your caloric intake for a low activity level and little exercise day, and then figure out for  your highest level of activity/ exercise day and try to stay between those two numbers depending on your activity level. (ex: low day 1,800- high day 2,280 = avg 2,000 give or take depending on activity level for that day). Hope this all makes sense and… if you are preggo don’t forget to add in the specified calories for each trimester. If you have and questions… as always feel free to ask! (


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