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Moving Along Slowly but Surely

on August 6, 2012

Ok since my last post… I was able to get on track with eating right and exercising about 4 times that first week. Then… sickness hit again! Luckily it only lasted for 2-3 days. This time during the feeling sick I did what I could as far as exercise and ate as healthy as I could manage. So, I ate a few fruits (cantaloupe, pears, and peaches) and only a potato for my “veggies”. For exercise, although I wasn’t feeling well I managed to get at least a 10 min cardio (walking on the treadmill) and then a 15-20 min leg or arm workout. Which isn’t too far off from the norm which would have included 20-30 more minutes of intense cardio. I also went for a 30-45 min walk around the neighborhood with my husband and kids on one of the days.

I have to say the first day I wasn’t feeling to well, after getting out, moving around and getting some fresh air… it helped me to feel much better. The second day of sickness I went for a walk/run with my hubs and kids around the neighborhood and came home to do a short leg video from Cassey Ho at Pop Pilates. I felt absolutely great! And by the third day of sickness, it was so minor that it didn’t even really bother me more than a little heart burn after eating. So, my advice to those trying to stay healthy and fit but are dealing with morning sickness: Do what you can to get active even if its is just a few mins of walking outside or on a treadmill. Don’t push yourself to the point of being uncomfortable but.. try to do what you can until the sickness subsides. As far as trying to eat healthy while feeling yucky, eat what you can and try to stay away from sugar filled food and drink or anything too acidic. Papaya is good for upset stomachs if you can find it on sale (or afford it); and I usually try to go for a piece of toast with a little nut-butter (peanut, almond or what ever kind you desire.. except nutella) or a hard boiled egg usually gets the protein needed without hurting your stomach. Hope this info helps and I am going to put up some posts with general pregnancy exercise/ nutrition information, and what my diet consists of/ the workouts I usually do. So look for them in the coming posts! 🙂


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