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Pregnant and fit is not an oxymoron.. its possible!

Starting off with a Bang! … or Not.

So, since I am on the pathway to becoming a dietitian and currently a licensed personal trainer… before getting pregnant I decided that with my next pregnancy I was going to be super fit and eat extremely healthy… and I would blog about it. I figured this would be a good learning experience for myself before I get the chance to go out into the world and help others to become healthy and fit. Well… I was clearly mistaken. My two previous pregnancies were pretty easy, not too much morning sickness and I felt good for the most part the whole pregnancy. This one has thrown me for a loop… the first 7 weeks I was constantly nauseous and hardly able to eat anything that wasn’t bread or soup. So.. it didn’t start off as planned but, here I am at almost 9 weeks and finally starting to get on track! This past week I was able to eat more wholesome (veggies, fruit, whole grains and proteins) and I was able to get a workout in 3 times! Two of the workout were treadmill for 35-40 mins (ran for 1.5 miles and speed walked for 1.5 miles) then I did arms (I’ll post later what my routine is for arms) with 5 lb weights, and I did a leg workout from Pop Pilates. I also went running with my husband once this week- we usually run half the time and walk half the time for about a mile and a half. And then did a small workout once we got home. In the coming weeks I will try to post some healthy snacks and meals I usually eat, a sample meal plan, and some routines I follow when I workout. Hope this information is helpful!